The Wilmington Dog Fence system which includes the dog fence transmitter (wall unit) and the electronic dog fence collar (electronic box attached to the dog collar) is basically a mini computer. The hidden dog fence collars and the transmitters contain computer software chips and are fully programmable.

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The transmitter sends a digital signal through a wire buried around your property. Your dog or cat wears a small receiver collar that is searching for that signal. Your pet is conditioned to stay in the safe areas of the yard. If your pet gets too close, the collar will activate and give either a tone or a correction/tone depending on the electronic fence collar setting.

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The Contain-A-Pet electronic dog fence collars are among the smallest and most advanced in the pet fence industry. From the largest dog to the smallest dog or cat, you can feel confident that Contain-A-Pet can keep them happy and safe in your yard.

The Contain-A-Pet Transmitter does it all. Yard size makes no difference. Many companies offer different transmitters at different price levels. Contain-A-Pet offers one transmitter that does it all. Manufactured in the USA. We believe the quality of our pet containment system is light years better than those products made in China.

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